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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, you have questions. Lucky for you, we have answers.

Teams can register via the App, which can be downloaded from Google Play (Android devices) or the App Store (Apple devices). This is an App-based race so if you’re still using a flip phone, you’re going to need to upgrade.

Teams must be comprised of two to six members. You can try to invite more, but we won’t let you. Yeah, we’re kinda mean like that! Oh, and all team members must travel together for the entirety of the race.

This question is tricky. Because each race is different and dependent upon several unpredictable factors, we can only estimate how long it will take. Be prepared to race for two to three days.

Tough luck! Your team is responsible for the battery life and internet-reliability of your device. Make sure you bring a charger and double check your service.

Yes, but only the team captain will have the ability to make selections and enter answers. Additional team phones will mirror the information on the captain’s phone and can show when you have triggered a geo-fence, but answer submissions and new clues will only show once the captains phone has entered the geo-fence.

Yes. All race participants must be 18 years of age or older on or before the start date of the race.

No, all registrations are final and non-refundable.

We suggest an umbrella and a change of socks. The race will take place rain or shine.

It’s a little early to be turning on each other. But, yes, we can help with that. Contact us at admin@treasurerace.com and we will assist in swapping the team captain and the race phone.

You will be given the option to abort a clue, if necessary. Aborting any clue will send your team on a “Goose Chase.” Once your team completes the Goose Chase for your current region, the remaining clues will be unlocked. At that point, you can select your next clue and continue the race. Your team will only get one goose chase clue per region, use it wisely! 

Each team is responsible for wireless/internet access, gas, lodging, toll-roads, fees for driving infractions, and other incidental costs. 

Pet rocks are welcome, but bringing along living/breathing pets is discouraged. Not all locations are pet friendly, and several locations may require you to be away from your vehicle for extended periods of time.

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