Rules of Participation

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Rules of Participation

We get it, no one really likes rules. But, our team of buttoned-down legal experts asked that we share the following Rules of Participation to help level the playing field.

Teams of two – six participants will race to solve clues and complete challenges in order to accrue points and reach a predetermined final location.  In order for teams to participate, all team members must agree that they have read these rules, fully understand these rules, and that each team member will abide by these rules. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions of Participation

Team sizes are two to six people, no more, no less. All members must travel together for the entirety of the race. Only those team members who are registered on the team within the Treasure Race mobile application (the “App”) will qualify for the grand prize.

All team members must be registered and must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Participation, Rules of Participation, Liability Waiver, and the Privacy Policy. [Register Here]

Each team will have one person who is in charge of selecting clues, selecting new regions and submitting answers (“Team Captain”). Each team will designate its own Team Captain. The Team Captain will pay the entrance fee for the race and be responsible for collecting reimbursements, if desired, from his or her team members.

The Team Captain will have the official device for the team. All answers to clues must be entered on the Team Captain’s device, and the Team Captain’s device will be the only device that can select a new clue or region. The Team Captain’s device will be synced to the team’s App account at the start of the Event. If the team captain’s device dies or is damaged, they will be able to switch to a different device to complete the race by logging in with the captain’s information. Note: a team will be disqualified if a geographic jump of more than 5 miles occurs between the switch.

Teams may start the race from home or anywhere they want. All team members need to be present for all clue stops. All teams must stay together during the event, and collaboration with other teams is strictly prohibited.

Do NOT ask any local businesses for free services. They have businesses to run, be respectful of that. If a business offers something a team needs, the team must pay for it or find another way to complete the task. The team may also choose another task entirely as there are plenty of free options. Teams may politely borrow things from friends and even strangers.

Team members may incur additional costs including, but not limited to, the cost of travel, location entrance fees such as County, State or National Park fees, museum fees, meals and lodging while participating in the race.

Event clues and routes are automated and randomized. Once the Team Captain’s device has selected a clue, the App will send out that clue to each team member’s device simultaneously. Note: depending on the team member’s carrier and device the mirroring function may have a delay. All team devices will receive a location-based service when the team enters a pre-defined location or geographic area (“Geofencing”) – so it is beneficial for all team members to have their app running.

Clues contain sub-clues. Sub-clues are supplementary clues contained within a primary clue and must be completed in order to render the primary clue complete.  If a team does not answer a clue or sub-clue correctly or completely the App will not allow the Team Captain to advance to the next region or clue.

If the App does not notify a Team Captain that they are in the right location, and there is strong data service on the team’s devices, this means the team is in the wrong location. The team should keep moving until it finds the correct location.

Teams may abandon one clue per region. In the event a team chooses to abandon a clue, the App will take the team on a lengthy errand (“Goose Chase”). The Goose Chase may take the team way out of their way and have multiple stops, sub-clues and activities. Teams may be required to post to social media to confirm completion of each of these. Once the Goose Chase is completed, the team will earn the point totals for the abandoned clue and be directed to select another clue or, if the minimum point total per region has been met, the team will be directed to select another region. The minimum point total per region is 20,000.

It is the sole responsibility of each team, team captain, and team member to stay informed about Event details.  Communication regarding the Event will be relayed from Treasure Race via the email address submitted when registering on the App.

In order to receive updates on the Event, teams will need to follow Operator’s Instagram account, webpage and like and follow the Operator’s Facebook page.

Social media postings during the Event will are strongly encouraged. At some location stops, teams may be required to take pictures or complete an activity. Teams should use one teammate’s legitimate personal Instagram or Facebook account for every post. Each team should post all adventures to the same Facebook or Instagram account in a video collection (individually a “Story” and collectively, “Stories”).

Team members should tag @TresureRace on their social media posts, and they should make sure that it is clear that all team members are present for each Facebook or Instagram Story post.  The team should also tag #TreasureRace is in at least three (3) posts’ captions.

All team members acknowledge that Treasure Race is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by or associated with any social media site, including but not limited to Facebook Inc. or Instagram.


All participants must allow Treasure Race App notifications, and enable locations services on any device used during the event or the App will not work.

The App uses maps, which can drain a battery quickly. Teams will need chargers or back up batteries, or both, to continue receiving clues in the race.

The App is continuously being updated and improved; however, as with all technology, teams may experience issues. If a team has an issue with the App, force close the App and reopen it. Teams must make sure that each team member has the most recent/updated version of the App.

A leader board within the App will keep track of each team’s place in the race.

A team must accumulate 100,000 points, unlock all regions, and be the first team to reach and correctly answer the final clue to win the Event. 

In order to declare a winner, event staff will verify:

  1. That all team members are properly registered and checked in.
  2. That a team has the needed points for each region.
  3. That all regions have been completed.
  4. That all team members were present for all stops. Note: Operator actively tracks all team members’ locations via smart phone GPS, so Operator knows if a team has stayed together.
  5. That the team actually did the activities correctly.

In the unlikely event that multiple teams arrive at the treasure location at the same time, each team must give at least a six-foot radius of space between any other team, so there’s no fighting/disputing. No team may encroach or invade an area previously occupied by a competing team. No teams can search immediately next to any other team at the treasure location. If any of these teams claim the treasure is either not there or the teams claim there to be a tie, the treasure chest will be rewarded to whichever team arrived there first, based on the team’s timestamp of when the first team answers the last clue.

The Treasure Chest will not contain the actual prize. The prize will be paid via check after the teams have filled out the winning team form.

All members of the winning team will be required to complete a winning team form, which will include an IRS Form 1099. Winnings will be subject to each winner’s tax status as ordinary income. Only registered team members will be paid. All winnings will be paid by the Operator to the registrants of the winning team as evenly as possible – no exceptions.